About Dr. Holmes

Rumor has it that she is a sex goddess… wittingly gets her way into your sexual consciousness… rumor speaks of her loud and daring character. Her words are orgasmic.

But if you really want to know how this brilliant but passionate genius came to be the most charming sex therapist in the Philippines then you have to read these facts:

She received her A.B. in Psychology and was one of 7 Magna Cum Laude among the 2500+ who graduated from the University of the Philippines that year and was adjudged Most Outstanding Graduate for 1973 by the U.P. Alumni Association.

She was elected into membership of the International Honor Societies of the Phi Kappa Phi and Pi Gamma Mu.

What is remarkable despite all these achievements is that she is a good listener and extends to everyone regardless of shape, length of penises, status of virginity, economic class, ethnicity, gender and all. She never stops learning, understanding and sharing. No amount of educational training alone could develop the intelligent heart she possesses.

Please pass the word.

Tips for Fanatics:

Stalking Margie means running after her in different places on various engagements. It is both exhausting and exhilarating!

At present, what keeps her busiest are: being a professor at the University of the Philippines, writing her Abante columns five days a week, rain or shine, at home or abroad, and lecturing to groups both corporate and otherwise  are what keep her busy. She has been doing all this since 1975. She served as consultant in government and non-government organizations including the Population Center Foundation and the Department of Health.

On top of this, she is well loved by her former students from University of North Carolina at Charlotte, International School, San Carlos Seminary,  Ateneo de Manila, De LaSalle University, etc.   Many email and some even visit her both here and abroad. Currently she teaches graduates and undergraduates at Department of Psychology at the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

Television Personality
Dr. Holmes created the first-ever Philippine-based show to deal with Psychological issues. The show, entitled “No Nonsense with Dr. Holmes” was a success. In addition to that, she had her own segment, Magtanong Kay Dra. Holmes. which  aired twice weekly on “Teysi ng Tahanan” (also known as TNT).

At present, she is negotiating a cable show that will be broadcasted in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Guam, Saipan, Honolulu and California.

Dr. Holmes has proven herself a bestseller many times over. She has sixteen books to her name; seven in English and nine in Filipino. All the books are bestsellers. Life, Love, Lust sold 21,000 copies in its first year alone. Review of her books and columns have appeared in Newsweek, Time, The Far Eastern Economic Review, Associated Press, Agence France Press, Asiaweek, Asia Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer and many others.

—written by Gracielle Africa