Bad Bold Brazen

Bad Bold Brazen, Dr. Margie Holmes

When I first got hold of the book in its Filipino version “Babaeng Palaban” and reread it as an English book “Bad Bold Brazen”, what struck me were the following questions, ” Who is bad in the eyes of whom? What does it take to be brazen when those who dare deviate from acceptable norms are stigmatized?” Take it from Dr. Margarita Go-Singco Holmes, even those who claim to be emotionally secure in their relationships have experienced “to be or not to be” in a dichotomy of good and bad.

The issues of devirginization are related to convictions of what worth does my vagina have to me as a woman and who deserves to taste it for the first time with hope of passionate love stories that seem to never stop in our young imagination. Is it time to let go of it as an offering or do we have to resist because we are worth waiting for?

“LISTEN TO YOUR HEART AND LISTEN TO YOUR PUSSY,” says Dr. Holmes. Well… “Bad, Bold and Brazen” equipped me with two kinds of listening skills for these two essential parts of my being.

(More issues on penis size and penis potential, health and safety concerns, being wet and discovering g-spots, masturbating and hairy armpits, and finally, bodymind rooted out: question of a nine year old sex toy)

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