Sexy Saucy Spicy

Sexy Saucy Spicy, Dr. Margie HolmesThis book by Dr. Margarita Go-Singco Holmes is a compilation of BODYMIND columns in print by The Manila Times from May 11, 1991 to August 11, 1993. The first edition (with 280 pages) was published and exclusively distributed by Anvil Publishing, Inc. in 1993.

Read the book and take home the secret ingredients to a healthy sex life:

1. Take a gulp of about five calories from an average male’s semen; it consists mainly of protein, citric acid, fructose, sodium and chloride. You may double the pleasure with a make-it-yourself flavoring. Try fruity twist or oriental spices. Try peanut butter with mango jam.

2.  Lollipop licking is not a problem even to those who think their three-inch penis needs an enlarger. “Penis size becomes a problem only when its importance receives undue proportion.” Think “Jumbo” and practice exploding like a volcano.

3.  Virginity restoration is possible through an operation of building up the hymen. However a rocking riveting experience without penetration can be just as exciting. Take it from “S”, who wrote: “Then he did something I will never ever forget. He made me sit on an old rocking chair. He put a big pillow under my butt to elevate my position, then with the chair rocking rhythmically to and fro, he ATE me. All these things happened to me one starry Valentine’s night in the attic of his old abandoned house. When he ate me I felt an earth-shattering orgasm. Grabe ang SARAP – sobra! (It was incredible, super-delicious!!!) And he ate and ate and ate me till I couldn’t come anymore.” Still she insisted that a wet throbbing pussy with a pure heart and a sensible mind like hers is a rare find saying “I want to lose my cherry not just to someone who tickles my libido senselessly but to someone I won’t regret losing it to. I want to share it with someone I fall in LOVE, and not just in LUST, with… Wisdom from a seventeen year-old virgin.

4.  Avail of cat licking services by “applying a generous helping of anchovies or sardine oil on the female genitalia and on an obliging cat going to town on it” especially when the mate does not want to go down there. It might work. But for males, a full dosage of condensed milk and some hungry puppies should do the trick. Enjoy the little puppy tongues.  “Heterosexual men who receive oral sex are happier with their sex lives and with their relationships in general.” (Schwartz and Blumstein) Men love blowjobs but be careful of teething puppies. They bite a bit.

5. Visit the ” SEXY SAUCY SPICY” menu for a virginity issue starters, how to catch a man stumblers, masturbating single-handedly, swallowing balls slurp, hung like horses sausages, penis pill wieners, discovering her g-spot and seeing stars, promiscuous as so-called slots, his perfumed penis shafted, shame shame shame seizeballs, neither fish nor fowl, steak, soul food, sinigang.

The naughtiest book… yummy and filling…



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