Wild Wicked Wonderful

Wild Wicked Wonderful, Dr. Margie Holmes(Excerpts from the Preface of the book Wild Wicked Wonderful written by Dr. Holmes)

If you really want to know the truth, writing this preface damn near killed me. Not the entire book, mind you. Just this preface and the final chapter. That’s because the rest of the book had written itself in the course of answering your letters for the now non-existent Manila Times. Well, perhaps “wrote itself” is not-so-slight exaggeration. Because of the personality of the letter writer and/or because of the particular question asked, some letters took more time, effort and research, and repeated consultation with an expert before they could be answered well. Some needed a more felicitous turn of phrase to soften the blow.

The only other part that was a killer was the Viagra chapter. But that was because one third of that had to be done practically from scratch, by begging people to write me of the concerns voiced by their closest friends and family.. All the Viagra letters I originally got ( and there were many ) focused on only three major points: (1) How do I get it? (2) How much does it cost (3) Will I die if I take it. Surely, I thought, there must be other issues worth exploring regarding this new wonder drug? There are. Many but not certainly all, you will read in the chapter entitled “Seeing Blue” on the side effects of Viagra.

From the start of the series, with Life Love and Lust in mid 1990 to this fourteenth book together in the late 1999, we have always tried to give a fair rendering of what was truly out there. We never wanted to make choices for you, but we wanted you to have all the facts, and to think through the implications of all your options so that when you finally did make your choice it was based not only on the cold hard facts we were able to supply, but also on wild, white heat of love and lust, of courage and commitment.

I hope the columns gave you the courage to follow your dreams, even if it gave others cause to all you a “wild wicked thing.” Bottom line? I hope the column helped you see that e.e. cummings, with his ” I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself,” may be right after all, at least as far as you were concerned. I hoped reading them helped in some way, because writing them certainly helped me.



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